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Why a garden furniture cover is unnecessary

Outside 365 days a year without a storage cover. Read here why
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When asked whether or not to use a garden furniture cover, our answer is simple: don't use a garden furniture cover. In this blog, we will explain why.

Why not use a garden furniture cover
A lounge set cover is a cover for a lounge set and is used to keep a lounge set outside. We do not sell these and we have an important reason for that. When using a garden furniture cover for your Bubalou lounge set, there is a chance that your Bubalou will "suffocate" due to condensation. The sofas are then no longer able to breathe. A consequence of this are prints and/or annoying (mold) stains in your fabric. Because of the suffocation, these can no longer be removed; the 'weather' gets into the fabric.

The advantages of a Bubalou lounge set without a garden furniture cover
Using a garden furniture cover is also not very convenient in practice. The cover can become loose, break or even blow away in strong winds. In addition, a set covered with a cover does not look attractive in your garden.

loungeset bubalou met sneeuw, geen hoes nodig

Fortunately, our Bubalou garden furniture is specially designed not to need a cover. Our advice is to store your Bubalou lounge set clean and leave it outside uncovered, with no cover or other objects on it. We offer special care products to clean and protect your Bubalou lounge set. Place the individual elements of the lounge set a few centimeters apart, so that the wind can get between all the elements.

If you do opt for a cover, keep in mind that your Bubalou's warranty will be voided.

At Bubalou, we strive for convenience, which is why you can keep our lounge sets outside year-round without the hassle of a garden furniture cover. Trust the quality of our products and use our care products for long-lasting enjoyment of your outdoor furniture.

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