outdoor loungeset Random, de duurzame buitenbank van Bubalou

Sustainable modular lounge set Random

Create the perfect place to relax Reading Sustainable modular lounge set Random 3 minutes


Design your perfect sustainable comfort zone

The Random lounge sofa is a Dutch-made design where style, comfort, innovation and sustainability are key. Discover how to create your ideal outdoor environment with this versatile lounge sofa.


Two elements, limitless possibilities

The lounge sofa Random gets its name from the simple system that allows you to place the modules in any arrangement. With just 2 different elements, you can combine endlessly and fully customize the lounge set to suit your outdoor space. Thus, you not only put together your own set, but also customize it according to your needs. This way you can turn the individual modules into a sofa, lounger or corner bench in no time.

How does this work? Simple: pair the elements together as it suits you best. Do you choose an armrest or not? Do you want a chair or just make a lounger? It's up to you!

Element A
This element is used as a seat or as a hocker. The size is 85x85x42cm.

Element B
This element is used as a backrest or armrest. The dimension is 85x22x70

In the example below, you can see how a lounge set is put together and thus how you also determine the overall size.

Endless combining, choose your style.

We offer you the freedom to mix and match between different fabrics, colors and textures. So you can create a sofa that perfectly matches your personal style and the atmosphere of your outdoor space.

Sustainability guaranteed ♻️

The Random lounge set is made of high-quality materials that can withstand all weather conditions. The unique base, made of 100% recyclable EPP, ensures that you can enjoy your lounge sofa year after year. We even offer a 15-year warranty on the base because we believe in a durable outdoor solution. For optimal seating comfort, the sofa features high-quality cold foam and waterproof cushions.

The cover is made of a high-quality, dirt, and water-repellent outer fabric.The waterproof cover is coated on the inside with a layer of recycled PET bottles, allowing the sofa to dry quickly, even after a rain.With ease, replace the covers for a whole new look.

Enjoy unparalleled comfort year-round, knowing that your lounge sofa can withstand the elements.

Fast delivery

The lounge set Random is made in the Netherlands. This allows us to deliver your custom order within 3 weeks.


The lounge set Random is a product by M68 and exclusively available at Bubalou. We welcome you in our showroom in Alkmaar to advise you and together we will customize your lounge set.

Discover all the possibilities an appointmentk,call us+31(0)20 244 27 91or send an email toinfo@bubalou.com


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