horecea terrasmeubilar, bubalou all-weather loungeset bij Sophia's leeuwarden

Hospitality patio furniture

For an efficient and customer-friendly terrace

Are you looking for a solution to efficiently place hospitality furniture on your outdoor terrace without having to rely on a lot of staff? Then all-weather lounge sets from Bubalou may be the ideal solution! This is because our lounge sets are specifically designed to embrace the outdoors without you having to worry about weather conditions.

Our modular all-weather lounge set allows you to arrange your patio in an efficient way. This means that you need fewer personnel to place and move patio furniture. Moreover, our all-weather lounge sets are designed to withstand rain showers and other weather conditions. This means that the lounge sets can simply stay on the hospitality terrace even when it rains!

Another important aspect of our all-weather lounge sets is good seating comfort. This is because the Bubalou lounge sets are made of high-quality materials that ensure a comfortable seating experience. This means guests can optimally enjoy their time on your hospitality patio.

Sophias Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
The fantastic outdoor terrace of SOPHIAS in Leeuwarden is an example of a hospitality establishment that has chosen Bubalou all-weather hospitality lounge sets. Thanks to our lounge sets, they can let their guests enjoy the outdoor hospitality terrace all year round without having to worry about the weather conditions.terrasmeubilair van bubalou bij sophias leeuwarden


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