Trend: ronde organische vormen

Trend: round organic shapes

Break through tight lines, even outside in your garden

It is not without reason that organic shapes are so popular. They come from nature and evoke positive associations in our brain. They bring peace and atmosphere and ensure a natural flow thanks to their flowing lines.

In our outdoor collection we have a number of beautiful all-weather lounge sets, including the Bended Sofa, where these round shapes take center stage.

Get to know the Bended Sofa, the Roundabout Sofa, the Pouffe and the Luxury series where design is combined with the practical benefits you know from us!

  • No more dragging around loose cushions
  • Seating comfort of an indoor sofa
  • Leave outside 365 days a year
  • 100% waterproof fabric, so after a rain shower you will be outside again in no time.

bubalou bent sofa lounge set for outdoor use

With organic and round shapes you break up all the straight lines in your garden. In many gardens, straight lines through square or rectangular patio tiles predominate.

Adding the Bended Sofa gives the garden a playful effect.

>> View the Bended Sofa here

all-weather lounge set Luxury from Bubalou

Sitting upright or lounging? Sitting comfortably is different for everyone. That is why the Luxury back cushions have a lumbar roller that allows you to determine the seat depth yourself.

>> View the Luxury here

All-weather outdoor chair from Bubalou


Still room for a cozy and stylish corner? Sounds like a perfect spot for the Roundabout Sofa! Just like the lounge set, this chair is super comfortable, and its round shapes immediately create dynamism.

>> View the Roundabout Sofa and pouffe here


Bubalou outdoor sofa all-weather lounge set

All-weather lounge set from Bubalou, Luxury corner sofa

Outdoor sofa, all-weather and left outside for 365 days.


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