8 tips bij aankoop van een ligbed

8 tips when purchasing a lounger.

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Outdoor sun loungers are available in many different models and materials. We give you 8 practical tips that you should pay attention to when purchasing a lounger.

1) Comfort
As far as we are concerned, the most important one on the list! Of course, you want to be sure that your lounger is really comfortable, so that you can relax and laze for hours. We therefore recommend that you experience it yourself, especially if you choose a luxurious lounger!

Bubalou divan, relaxing outside on a lounger

2) Sizing
It sounds obvious, but measuring is knowing! Carefully measure your terrace or place where you will place the sun loungers. Take into account walking routes and space to move around the sunbeds. When you subtract these spaces from your total surface area, you know how large the sunbeds can be and how many you can place.

In addition, look at the use of the sunbeds. Do you want to move the sunbeds often or do you leave them in one place? If you often move or store the loungers, a lightweight model is a good choice. If they usually stay in one place, a heavier lounger (such as the Bubalou Divan or the Bubalou Daybed) that stays firmly in place and does not blow away is ideal.

3) Frame
Most sunbeds have a frame made of wood, powder-coated steel or aluminum. Due to the powder coating, a strong layer of paint, these metals are fully protected against moisture and oxidation and they can remain outside, even when it rains. The aluminum is maintenance-free, but light, making it easier to blow away during an autumn storm. Powder-coated steel looks very nice, but has a risk of rust on the corners, welding points and damage. So keep that in mind. A wooden lounger is often made of hardwood. It is heavy and robust, but it is advisable to maintain the wood regularly in order to enjoy your lounger for longer.

4) Pillows
To make a lounger or lounge chair comfortable, you can opt for loose cushions. These come in different shapes and sizes and partly determine the sitting and lying comfort. The disadvantages of loose cushions are that you have to drag them back and forth, store them indoors (unless you opt for waterproof cushions) and that they easily blow away.

The quality of the fabric is essential for outdoor cushions. Is the fabric water-repellent, mold-resistant, dirt-repellent and wear-resistant? And does it have high color fastness? Olefin and Sunbrella fabrics all meet these properties. The threads of these high-quality fabrics are colored down to the core, making the fabric discolouring less quickly. In addition, these substances actively repel dirt and water, they are durable and mold does not stand a chance.

Bubalou's outdoor furniture is made of high-quality Olefin and is available in various uni colors and deluxe mixed fabrics. More information can be found on our color samples page .

5) Weatherproof, all-weather, water-repellent or waterproof?
The terms weatherproof and all-weather are used to indicate whether a fabric is resistant to different weather influences and are therefore the same. However, there is a clear difference between water-repellent and waterproof. A water-repellent fabric is waterproof in a light rain shower, but in persistent rain the fabric can no longer stop the water and the water comes through the fabric. A waterproof fabric does not allow water to pass through under all circumstances.

Many materials that are naturally waterproof (such as leather and polyester) do not feel comfortable and are therefore less suitable for an outdoor garden collection. For this reason, other fabrics are made suitable for outdoor use. This is done with a special coating that makes the fabric water-repellent. With a waterproof layer on the inside of the fabric you can then ensure that the fabric becomes completely waterproof and no water passes through.

waterproof sunbeds from bubalou The back of Bubalou fabrics have a special film layer made from recycled PET bottles. This makes the fabric waterproof but has the luxurious feel and appearance of an inner fabric.

6) Quick dry foam
We see the term Quick dry foam more and more often, but what does that actually mean? The name says it all, Quick dry foam is a quick-drying cushion filling. This is mainly used when water passes through the water-repellent fabric during prolonged rainfall and the cushion filling becomes wet. Quick dry foam has an open structure and will therefore hardly retain moisture.

The biggest advantage of quick dry foam is the competitive price, but the disadvantage is that the material feels stiff and collapses a lot when the quality is lower, making you less comfortable. In addition, some water always remains in the foam, so you absorb the water from the foam like a sponge when you sit on it.

divan and daybed from bubalou, the ideal lounger for outdoors

Bubalou loungers have a unique combination of polypropylene, polyether foam, silicone fibers and nosag springs (literally translated: springs that do not collapse). This ensures years of quality without sagging.






7) Color
You will not be the first to find that the color is disappointing because the color looked different on the screen than in real life. A visit to a showroom or requesting color samples can help prevent this!

Interested in Bubalou's free color samples? Request them on our color samples page .

8) Longevity
Weather conditions always play a role in the lifespan of a product. If you choose a lounger that uses high-quality, weather-resistant materials, this will certainly extend its lifespan.

all-weather sunbeds from bubalou, relax on a divan or daybed

Want to really relax? No need to drag loose pillows around? Leave it outside for 365 days? Then choose an all-weather daybed or divan from Bubalou.

Come by and discover the luxury, comfort and design of our daybeds, divans and lounge sets in our showroom in Alkmaar or shop online .

Are you also curious about what types of sunbeds are available? Then read this blog and discover what suits you.


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