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How to maintain your Bubalou

The composition of your Bubalou

Bubalou is a comfortable piece of seating, with careful attention to ergonomics. This has created a wonderful seating comfort that you can enjoy for hours. For optimal seating comfort, cold foam is used. Cold foam is composed of several layers. Therefore, always get up from the sofa and avoid sliding forward from the sofa. This is because this can cause the mutual layers of the cold foam to shift. The cold foam will feel firm in the beginning. The filling will soften over time, especially in the areas that are used a lot. So it is advisable to use all elements equally often.

The body construction of the seating unit consists of materials suitable for outdoor use. For example, the Nosag suspension is not made of steel but of stainless steel, the sheet material is water-resistant and all load-bearing parts of the bench (on which weight is placed) are made of beech wood.ut.

The fabric of your Bubalou is waterproof due to the film layer of recycled PET bottles on the back (backing) of the fabric. The top side of the fabric, which you see and feel, is made of Olefin yarn and is coated with a dirt- and water-repellent protective layer. This keeps the sofa feeling fine and combines the advantages of an outdoor fabric with a waterproof layer. The waterproof layer is permanent. The effect of the dirt- and water-repellent protective layer can slowly diminish. By re-impregnating the fabric with Bubalou Care textile protector, the fabric can be made dirt- and water-repellent again.

When it rains, the cotton threads of the seams get wet. When the threads are saturated the excess water will be drained through the water barriers in the sofa. When the threads are not yet saturated, a small amount of water may enter the sofa through the seams. This is not a problem and dries up again.

The legs of the Bubalou are plastic and, with the exception of the Bubalou Trend, are clamped into the fuselage. When the legs are resisted they release from the fuselage, so there is no damage to the fuselage. When the leg is released you can clamp the leg back into the fuselage. Never slide the elements of the Bubalou if you want to move them, but lift the elements to the new desired place.

When placing your Bubalou, make sure there is always 30-50 cm of space around the seat for ventilation under the elements.

Your Bubalou gets a lot to endure due to the influence of sun, rain and wind and, of course, the use of the sofa. Bubalou is not a miracle product, therefore it is important to maintain your Bubalou properly..


Remove stains immediately. Failure to remove stains immediately can cause permanent damage to your Bubalou. Most stains can be removed with a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water. If the stain is stubborn, Bubalou Care stain remover can be used to treat the stain. After use, rinse the soap residue well. Never use agents that we do not know how they will affect your Bubalou.

Be careful of grease stains and suntan oil or cream. Your Bubalou's fabric can react directly to fats and oils, which can cause permanent damage.

NEVER use a high pressure sprayer! This will spray your Olefin layer loose from the waterproof PET layer and cause permanent damage to your Bubalou.


Unfortunately, everything changes color under the influence of UV radiation. Also your Bubalou. The fabric used for your Bubalou has a light fastness of 7 on the scale of 8. Despite this, the color of your Bubalou will still change under the influence of UV radiation. If you use a tray for a long period of time on your pouf or leave cushions or plaids on the sofa, then color differences will occur in those places, because no UV radiation gets underneath. "Once a tray (or loose cushions, plaids etc), always a tray" is the motto here. Fortunately, it does not detract from seating comfort.

Green algae, mold and mushrooms

Algal deposits are a natural process and occur mainly in temperate maritime climates, with relatively mild winters, mild summers and precipitation throughout the year. There is nothing we can do to change this, unfortunately.

If your Bubalou is in a place where green algae deposits form, your Bubalou will not escape them. So when the decking or patio turns green from algae deposits, so will your Bubalou. Bubalou Care green scale cleaner provides you with a ready-to-use product to remove the algae.

Because your Bubalou can be outside year-round, mold, fungi and mushrooms can attach to the bench. Unfortunately, your Bubalou cannot prevent this from happening. Always check the underside of seating furniture a few times a year. Mold thrives in an environment where humidity is high and temperature is low. Mold can therefore adhere to the underside of seating furniture. Spray the elements on the underside with (household) vinegar to prevent this as much as possible. This can be done with a plant sprayer or the Bubalou Care atomizer. Spores of fungi and mushrooms literally come in nature. Like fungi, they thrive in an environment where humidity is high and temperature is low. They may adhere to the underside of the Bubalou. When this happens, remove the fungus or mushroom by cutting it away with a knife blade. Bubalou Care nebulizer 

Your Bubalou during the wet months

If you want to prevent green deposits from adhering to your Bubalou during the wet months in autumn and winter, make sure that the bench is in a place where little or no algae deposit forms (e.g. indoors or under a roof). In any case, make sure that the patio on which your Bubalou stands is cleaned and algae-free before and after winter.

If your Bubalou remains outdoors during fall and winter, follow the steps below annually to minimize influences from nature.

Step 1:
In mid-September, spray the wooden hull construction on the underside of all elements well with (household) vinegar. Use a plant sprayer or a Bubalou Care atomizer for application. Place all elements 10 cm apart so that the wind can pass well along the sides of the elements during the damp autumn and winter months.

Step 2:
At the end of November, spray the wooden hull structure on the underside of all elements well again with (household) vinegar. Use a plant sprayer or a Bubalou Care nebulizer for application. Make sure that all surrounding surfaces and the upholstery of the sofa with which the vinegar may come into contact are shielded or taped. Rinsing is not necessary. Next, leave all elements 10 cm apart again so that the wind can pass well along the sides of the elements during the winter months.

Step 3:
In early March, spray the fabric of all elements with Bubalou Care green tarnish cleaner. Then, if necessary, further clean the sofa with Bubalou Care stain remover. After using Bubalou Care green tarnish cleaner and/or Bubalou Care stain remover, always treat the elements with Bubalou Care fabric protector to restore the dirt and water-repellent protective layer.

Place all the elements back together again. You are now ready for another wonderful season of enjoying your Bubalou.

Use outdoor cover / sleeve

When you use a cover for your Bubalou, there is a chance that your Bubalou will "suffocate" due to condensation. The couches are then no longer able to breathe. A consequence of this are prints and/or nasty (mold) stains in your fabric. Because of the suffocation, these can no longer be removed; the 'weather' gets into the fabric. Therefore, do not leave the furniture covered outside, without a cover or other objects on the furniture.

Bubalou Care products

Bubalou has a complete range of maintenance products that can easily clean and protect your Bubalou. Bubalou Care products::

Always read the instruction manual before use.


All Bubalou products and parts are covered by a two-year warranty for private, domestic use. The warranty period commences from the date of invoice. The original invoice serves as proof of warranty. The warranty covers construction and material defects already present at the time of delivery.

Excluded from warranty are:

  • damages, caused by improper use, such as abnormal loads, deterioration by aggressive substances, sitting on the back or armrests, improper maintenance, repairs by parties other than those designated by Bubalou, covering furniture with a cover, improper assemblies, as well as natural properties belonging to the material and damages caused by failure to observe the instructions for use or not correctly;
  • damages caused by the use of cleaning or protection agents other than Bubalou Care products.
  • defects caused by extreme weather conditions or attributable to normal wear and tear;
  • scratches/tears from use;
  • shifts in the cold foam layers of the filling;
  • loosened Nosag suspension, due to point loading by standing, jumping or dropping yourself on the sofa, for example;
  • less than 3 mm of shrinkage on 1 linear meter of textile, improper washing and slight discoloration, signs of use and reduced carrying capacity and thickness of padding over time

In the unlikely event there is something wrong with your Bubalou please contact our service department. Have your purchase invoice ready. Mail your complaint to info@bubalou.com. Enclose pictures of the defect and the purchase invoice. This will help us to process your complaint quickly. We use a depreciation period of 6 years


Should the model or color no longer be available, Bubalou reserves the right to replace the defective furniture with a similar product. Any replacement applies only to the defective part or furniture, not to an entire set. Repair, new finish or replacement will not affect the original warranty period.

Still have questions about maintenance for your Bubalou? Please contact us at info@bubalou.com or look at the frequently asked questions


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