4 tips voor het kopen van een loungeset

4 tips for buying a lounge set

This is how you make the right choice
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Looking for a new lounge set? We are happy to help you choose your ideal lounge set.

Here are four tips that you should take into account when selecting a lounge set:


To start with, the location and space are decisive. How large or small is the room where the lounge set will be placed? Measure this space and determine in which position the lounge set will be placed. Take into account how the sun turns in your garden at that location and don't forget the view. Have you completed these questions? Great, this should give you an idea of ​​what kind of lounge set suits best. Is it a large, luxurious corner sofa or would you prefer a cozy loveseat? Or a combination of a sofa with an ottoman.


Now that you have made this choice, the style of your garden is another important factor to consider. If you have a design garden, we recommend, for example, a luxurious lounge set with a sleek and timeless design. If your garden has more of an Ibiza beach vibe, choose a lounge set with light and natural colors such as Taupe's Touch. Include every element in your garden, such as paving, plants and lighting, in your choice.

bubalou kniq all weather lounge set


Everyone uses their lounge set for something different. Consider what role the lounge set plays in your garden. Is it the central location or a quiet spot for you alone? Do you want to dine on the lounge set or do you prefer to lazily sunbathe? Once you have this clear, it can help to visit a showroom to experience the seat of your selected lounge set.


Your new lounge set will be outside all season or even all year long. You can easily put away garden chairs or garden cushions or bring them indoors. This is often a bit more difficult with a luxury lounge set. It is therefore important that you look at the material of the lounge sofa in addition to the space, your garden style and its use. Is the material weather resistant? Is the material easy to clean? Does the material require a lot of maintenance? For example, Bubalou's outer fabric is 100% waterproof and therefore dries quickly after a rain shower. Requesting samples or color swatches can also help to get a good idea of ​​the look and feel.

After reading the tips, do you need more help making a choice? Please contact us , order our free fabric samples or visit our showroom in Alkmaar.


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