Bubalou maintenance package

Bubalou maintenance package

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This maintenance package from Bubalou contains:
1x Green tarnish cleaner
1x Textile protector
1x Stain remover
1x Nebulizer (empty)

Green tarnish cleaner
Bubalou Care green tarnish cleaner prevents and removes green tarnish from Bubalou outdoor furniture. This product is a very friendly and active cleaning product that removes green algae deposits.

Stain remover
Bubalou Care stain remover is a very high-quality cleaning product for removing stains from the fabric of Bubalou outdoor furniture.

Textile protector
Bubalou Care textile protector is an effective and durable impregnating agent for restoring the dirt- and water-repellent protective layer of the fabric of Bubalou outdoor furniture.

Bubalou Care nebulizer is an empty spray bottle that can be filled with (household) vinegar for spraying the wooden body structure on the underside of Bubalou outdoor furniture.

Bubalou BV is not responsible for the consequences of incorrect use. Always read the instructions on the packaging carefully before use.

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